What is the Bookiesrbust System ?

The bookiesrbust betting system is a tried and tested profit proof system that the bookies hate. You will receive a 58 page user friendly booklet that sets out step by step how to place your weekly bets. I have been using this system now for 4 years with truly amazing results. This is your chance to make an absolute fortune. The system is based on statistical patterns and other secret determining factors that regularly appear in football. Using my accounting skills it has taken me 6 years to use these patterns to create a system that is 100% guaranteed to make you profit!

Can I start with a small bank balance?

You can start with a bank balance as low as you like. I started with just £50.00 and have made my fortune directly from that. Every time you win which is very often, your bank balance can increase anywhere between 3 – 10 times (Amazing but true). You have a 90%+ chance of winning every week but over the season you have statistically 100% guaranteed chance of making a profit. (I’ve made £1000’s of profit during the last 4 years).

Have I proof that it works?

In my 58 page booklet I have 100% proof that my system does work. I clearly show betting coupons/ slips etc that I have used to win and also back these up with all the stats from each round of matches. It has taken me a long time to do this but I know the punter doesn’t like taking risks and I totally agree. After reading my proof in the system you will be eager to make money.
Unlike other systems out there that merely tell you how to place a bet and don’t give you proof of winnings, Bookiesrbust goes to lengths to prove the effectiveness of this truly amazing betting phenomenon.

How often do I bet?

Usually you place a bet only once per week. However depending on a number of factors e.g. amount of matches etc. A midweek bet can be placed.

Can I make this bet over the internet and in High Street bookmakers?

This bet can be placed via the internet or at your local bookmakers. It is set out in clear, concise detail as to how to use the system to equal effectiveness via these 2 ways. It really is simple – trust me!

Is this an Arbritage system?

No definitely not. Arbritage systems are sold by con men on the internet. This is a legitimate system that uses statistics and other secret calculations to guarantee you a profit.

Is this the trixie system ?

No definitely not. As already stated this is a system that I have devised myself after 300+ hours of trawling through stat after stat. It is totally different than any other system out there and 100% profit proof!

How much is postage?

The booklet can be e-mailed to you in pdf format for a nominal postage fee of £0.01. The pdf file is 3500kb. Please ensure your e-mail account can receive this. Most e-mail accounts should receive this with ease.

Alternatively if you want the printed version posted to you the cost of printing and P&P will be £3.50.(contact me for that)

How does it differ from other betting systems ?

This is a unique system. 90% of the systems floating about are all the same and offer you this and that without giving you any profit in the long term. I’ve used nearly all of them and have questioned most. After years of research I have carefully put together this system to ensure that you the punter can beat the bookie once and for all!

What is contained in the 58 page booklet?

The 58 page booklet sets out in a user friendly way as to how you should go about using this system. As an added bonus you will also receive other profit proof betting strategies that I have used and made profit from regularly (again all backed up with evidence).

Does it involve Live Betting?

NO! all bets are placed before kick off.

Why should I buy this system and not the others on ebay?

Many systems are identical and are not forthcoming with proof that they actually work!
My unique system is hated by the bookies but it is simple legitimate and 100% profitable. Spend just 25 minutes every week and watch your bank balance grow at an amazing rate.

Can you really afford to miss out on the 1st betting phenomenon in the world.

£19.99 and I guarantee your betting habits will change for life!

Any queries let me know, I’ll be only to happy to help you!
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